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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do such an expedition?

I have always wanted to cross an ocean (the hard way) due to the sense of adventure and achievement. This combined with an excellent opportunity to raise money for a charity I am passionate about is the perfect opportunity!


Which Guinness World records are you trying to break?


We hope to break the following Guinness World Records:

  • Fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by human power (current record 32 days).

  • Crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in under 30 days (known as ‘the four-minute-mile’ of ocean rowing’).


  • Longest distance rowed in 24 hours (current record 115 miles).

  • Most consecutive days rowing over 100 miles (current record 12 days). 


Is it a common to row across the Atlantic?

Not really no, in fact more people have summited Mount Everest than rowed across the Atlantic. 


How far is it?

Approximately 2,550 Nautical miles (2,930 statute miles or 4,700 km), however this depends if you stay on course!



What sort of conditions can you expect when out in the Atlantic Ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean like any ocean is notoriously unpredictable. Big swells with ten metre high waves are usually expected and there is also the possibility of being caught in an hurricane.


What will it be like on board?

The standard routine consists of rowing for two hours, then resting for two hours and then rowing for two hours and resting for another two hours and then.....well I think you get the idea. Keep going until you hit land!!


Naturally one can appreciate that fear, exhaustion, chronic starvation (as one's body can't keeep up with the calories one is burning...) and sea sickness are all thrown in at no extra cost!



I'm still curious, where can I find more information about ocean rowing?

More information can be found at the Ocean Rowing Society website




PS How do you go to the toilet on board?!

Well it's not terribly scientific, but perhaps best explained by this image.....



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