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Avalon preparations continue

It's been an incredibly busy week for the team of Ocean Row Events.

Avalon cleared customs and arrived in Puerto de Mogan, met by our Skipper Leven Brown. Our crew has been arriving in Gran Canaria and have helped in the final preparations needed prior to our 45 foot 'Avalon' being craned into the water.

Meanwhile back in the UK, some of our team have hung back to ensure that the spare oars required by the expedition, make it out to Gran Canaria in good time, after some issues were encountered with their manufacture in typical Christmas period fashion.

With the support of some incredibly helpful individuals at Gatwick Airport, British Airways and DHL, a solution is being worked on to get our spare 3.4 metre long carbon fibre oars delivered to Gran Canaria as quickly as possibly once they are completed in Devon, England on Monday.

It's important to have a team that is prepared to do whatever is necessary to overcome the obstacles which always loom when an Ocean Row is on the horizon.

Luckily we have time before a good set of weather is due, to make sure that we are squared away in good fashion, with time to spare

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